TFG Asset Management

Placing our property investors  in expert hands

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As an owner with The First Group, you are our top priority. Our commitment to you is to ensure you enjoy a superior level of service that goes above and beyond simply buying an amazing property in Dubai. This is why we have created a specialised company, The First Group Asset Management, to look after every aspect of your finished investment property. Their highly skilled team of industry specialists have an impressive track record spanning decades of experience in the global hotel and property market. Our property investors can rest assured that they are in expert hands. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the rewards of a truly effortless investment.


Enjoy the stress-free returns of investment property in Dubai and the UAE

We understand that your time is precious. The First Group Asset Management is your representation on the ground, leaving property investors free to focus on the lucrative returns derived from buying property in Dubai and the UAE with us. Their dedicated representatives deliver a wealth of services, working behind the scenes to maximize your income and to make your life easier and even more rewarding. TFG Asset Management’s key services include:

  • Acting as a dedicated representative for everyone who buys investment property with The First Group
  • Working closely with the chosen hotel operator in the Hotel and Hotel Apartment buildings
  • Promoting our long term residential buildings, ensuring excellent market exposure
  • Handling every aspect possible of the relevant rental processes, including all legal paperwork
  • On-going monitoring of the financial performance of your property investment
  • Asset evaluation – continuous monitoring of your assets and their respective income
  • Providing you with regular updates on your property investment


Access the ultimate resources


TFG Asset Management works closely with our trusted hotel partners to ensure that the hotel and hotel apartment investment properties enjoy outstanding success. Our collaboration with hotel operators, Auris and Wyndham Hotel Group, the world’s largest hotel company, means that the property is managed by companies with excellent track records. The First Group Asset Management works with these highly regarded names in the industry to help to manage every aspect, including:

  • Marketing to maximise exposure
  • Liaising with the operators to ensure high level occupancies and returns of property investment
  • Ensuring that the physical properties are carefully managed and maintained
  • Providing frequent updates on your property’s performance, including relevant information such as local and hotel market trends

The First Group Asset Management is your ultimate resource, providing you with invaluable support on every step of your journey as an owner of a completed product with us. Please visit to learn more about TFG Asset Management or call +971 4 455 0100 and ask to speak to a team member.