Sporting legend and brand ambassador accompanies The First Group COO, Rob Burns, on aid trip to 5 houses sponsored by the company.

November 2013: Children from the Abuja Orphanage (SOS Village) in Nigeria were in for a real surprise this week, with the arrival of a very special guest. Nigerian football hero, Nwankwo Kanu, joined Chief Operating Officer, Rob Burns, on a visit to 5 houses within the orphanage that are sponsored by The First Group. These houses provide homes for 50 children, and are part of the SOS Children’s Village network, an organisation which has more than 490 children’s villages in 124 countries.

“It was so rewarding to see the look of sheer excitement on the children’s faces when Kanu walked in! So many of these kids have grown up in Nigeria with Kanu as their sporting hero, and it was such an honour to have him accompany me, as a brand ambassador for The First Group,” commented Rob Burns, Chief Operating Officer for The First Group.

During the visit to the Abuja orphanage, Kanu helped Rob hand over computers and clothing donated by The First Group, as well as oversee repairs to some of the houses. Retired footballer Kanu is well known for his philanthropic work throughout Africa and established the Kanu Heart Foundation in 2000 after undergoing major heart surgery. His charity helps underprivileged African children gain life changing heart surgery - an initiative that The First Group also supports.

“We are so proud to be involved with charities that have such a strong focus on bettering the lives of young people far less privileged than ourselves. This commitment to helping children grow is also at the heart of The First Group’s values,” commented Danny Lubert, co-founder and joint chairman of The First Group. “Indeed, our motto a Foundation for Growth reflects so much more than simply the growth of property and financial returns. It was really special to see first-hand the difference that our contribution and that of others is making to the lives of these young people.”