The First Group’s Co-Founder and Joint Chairman, Danny Lubert, has witnessed first-hand the positive impact of the company’s charitable efforts to help underprivileged girls who would normally struggle to get any education in their home-town in India.

Danny recently visited Food for Life Vrindavan, a humanitarian aid organisation the company has supported for several years that provides school, clothing, food and medical care for girls from the kindergarten level through to 12th grade.

The charity, which is officially recognised by the Indian government, provides education for youngsters through four schools including Sandipani Muni School, which The First Group has helped to build. The school also provides meals and basic medical care for people in need living in Vrindavan, south of New Delhi.

The First Group has helped to fund several initiatives that have provided some of the district’s most impoverished youngsters with education, school supplies, meals, gift packs and more.

During his trip to Vrindavan, Danny visited the new school and met many children that have benefitted from The First Group’s donations and sponsorship efforts.

“It was a humbling and truly heart-warming experience to meet with the children at the Sandipani Muni School, all of whom are thriving, thanks to this incredible project that provides them with the education they deserve and keeps them safe in, what can be a dangerous environment for young girls,” said Danny.

“Seeing these children happy, safe and being educated in a nurturing environment was beyond rewarding; it’s a visit I will never forget.”

He added: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the dedication and commitment of everyone at The First Group in supporting Food for Life Vrindavan as well as many other charities the company assists through fundraising and sponsorship.”

One of The First Group’s latest initiatives involves sponsoring one hundred girls at Food For Life, Vrindavan. This sponsorship covers their schooling, clothing and basic medical care.

“These donations will give the students learning, vocational training, confidence, safety and hope. We really appreciate your help,” said Ineke Zontag, one of The Food For Life sponsorship heads. Ineke continued, “Your financial support helps us continue in our mission and to assist those in our community. The generous support of people like you makes it possible for our organisation to exist and to make the community a better place to live.”