World's largest natural flower garden opens in Dubai

It used to be the USA that had an obsession with being bigger and better than everybody and everything else, but these days it seems to be Dubai where size matters most.The emirate already boasts the world's tallest tower, highest hotel and largest mall and there are few signs to suggest the city is going to make do with what it has got.A string of mega-projects are being lined up in 2013 and building developers continue to push the boundaries with their innovative constructions.The metropolis is attempting to claim yet another Guinness World Record with the largest natural flower garden on the planet.Located in Dubailand, the amazing Dubai Miracle Garden covers 72,000 sq m and is home to a staggering 45 million flowers.The beautiful facility opened on Valentine's Day and it has caused quite a stir over the past few weeks.Speaking to Al Arabiya News, one of the garden's managers explained why it is such a special attraction."People are bored of air conditioned and closed places," they were quoted as saying."So we decided to make a garden that includes many flowers of around 30 species in 60 colours. The flowers are spread like a carpet or hanging like a tree."The complex is applying for a number of different records with features such as the ten-metre-tall flower pyramid and a three-metre flower wall.Another part of the garden that stands out is the seven heart shapes, which represent the emirates of the UAE.The garden is open for 12 hours a day during the week and is also accessible between 09:00 and midnight at the weekend and on public holidays.It is fabulous attractions such as this that make Dubai stand out as a global tourism hub.Millions of holidaymakers are expected to visit this part of the UAE in 2013, which is obviously great news for hotel and apartment owners throughout the amazing coastal city.

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