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‘World’s biggest’ underwater attraction to be built in Dubai

‘World’s biggest’ underwater attraction to be built in Dubai

The world’s largest sustainable artificial coral reef is to be built in Dubai, according to Los Angeles-based company Reef Worlds.

Every year, around 1.6 million people flock to Australia to see the wonders that the Great Barrier Reef holds. This natural marvel is home to exotic aquatic life, which tourists get to view by snorkelling, scuba diving or sailing on a glass-bottomed boat.

Soon Dubai could offer the same experience and entice some of those that had planned on making their way to Australia once its ‘Pearl of Dubai’ artificial reef is complete.

Reef Worlds has designed a revolutionary five-acre underwater site and will soon give waterfront resort development partners the chance to cash in on the $3 billion (£1.8 billion) global dive and snorkel market.

The designers behind the concept have made the site resemble an ancient lost city, enabling visitors to buy into an Indiana Jones-esque fantasy. In the past, Reef Worlds has designed sets for big blockbusters, such as Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean - meaning the finished site will have an authentic feel.

Once complete, the Pearl of Dubai will quickly become an international hub for dive/snorkel tourism, according to its creators. Reef Worlds plans to make use of the 200,000 square miles of unused waterfront space in the emirate, increasing its attraction to tourists wishing to experience an underwater adventure.

Dave Taylor, director of development for Reef Worlds, said: “When one considers Dubai and the region, scuba diving and underwater exploration is not on the top ten list, and yet it is almost everywhere else in the world.

“The Reef Worlds brand is all about sustainability and the creation of new habitat while at the same time adding instant tourism revenue and excitement to waterfront resorts. We will work with carefully selected resort partners on unique underwater habitat projects that directly support our clients’ sustainability and revenue goals.”

Attractions such as the Pearl of Dubai will help the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing​ (DTCM) reach its goal of enticing 20 million visitors to the emirate by 2020, which is looking more and more attainable.

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