What does the future hold for Dubai's retail sector?

What does the future hold for Dubai's retail sector?

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the world's best shopping hotspots, but what does the future hold for the city's retail sector?

With the ultra-popular Ramadan Night Market set to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre between August 1st and 10th, now is an opportune time to look at the emirate's thriving shopping culture.

The market is held annually and thousands of visitors are expected to turn up in 2013.

Chief executive officer of Sumansa Exhibitions - organisers of the retail extravaganza - Sunil Jaiswal, said: 'The last ten days of Ramadan are when people wait to shop in preparation for Eid and Ramadan Night Market will fulfill all the requirements of your Eid gifting.'

Of course, Dubai's plethora of shops are popular all year round. The city is home to the largest malls on the planet and the world's leading designers and retailers are falling over themselves to set up new outlets in the emirate.

Although Dubai's current offerings are hugely impressive, some experts think there is still plenty of room for more shopping centres.

Chief operating officer of Lamcy Plaza and Arabian Centre Tim Jones told Emirates 24/7 that existing malls are expanding and Dubai can comfortably accommodate new developments.

People who use the sheikhdom's shopping facilities are now expecting to find more than the usual retail outlets, he believes.

'Malls are providing 'lifestyle entertainment' to the customers, which means malls no longer just offer retail spaces and shops, but an experience as a whole,' Mr Jones was quoted as saying.

He added that store owners tend to do very well during Ramadan and it is not unusual to see shops staying open until the early hours.

A number of events are held each year to generate even more interest in the city's malls, including the ongoing Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Shopping Festival.

The latter is held in the winter and has grown considerably since the inaugural event in 1996. It gives locals and holidaymakers a perfect opportunity to scour the emirate's malls, boutiques and markets in search of bargains.

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