Susan Sarandon launches ping-pong club in Dubai

Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has launched a unique new nightclub in Dubai, which encourages party-goers to play ping-pong.Dubai is famous for its vibrant nightlife and the emirate boasts some of the most exclusive clubs on the planet, but nobody in the city will have seen anything like SPiN Dubai before.The venue has 11 table tennis tables and also has a special golden one set aside in a VIP area, the National reports.Sarandon - who has been appearing in blockbuster films since the 1960s - told the news provider that the establishment allows people to interact in a completely different environment to "normal" nightclubs.The Academy Award winner has already launched similar clubs in the US, but she insisted the Dubai version is extra special, as it reflects the glitz and glamour that the city is famous for."This club has much more of a nightclub feel than the ping-pong clubs we have in the States - it's very lavish," the 66-year-old was quoted as saying."We want the clubs to reflect the city they are in - the golden table is not something you're going to find in Milwaukee. Dubai is such a futuristic and amazing city that I think it will work well here."It will be interesting to see how the club - which is based in The Pyramids in Wafi - is received by the plethora of rich and famous people who frequent Dubai's trendiest nightspots on a regular basis, but the early signs are encouraging.A number of A-list celebrities have been seen partying in the city in recent months, including actor Jude Law and ex-Baywatch stars Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra.Glamour girl Electra was the guest of honour at the swanky Cavalli Club last month and she was on hand to launch the establishment's Just Sundays with DJ Katerina promotion.Dubai is definitely the place to be seen these days and it is no surprise that more and more famous faces are buying luxurious villas and apartments in the most upmarket and exclusive parts of town.

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