Peace Dove lands another world record for Dubai

It seems that barely a week goes by without Dubai scooping yet another Guinness World Record.The city has now entered the record books with its 'Peace Dove', which is the largest button mosaic on the planet.It was created by Captain Fareed Lafta - an extreme sports enthusiast from Iraq - and the stunning mural in Downtown Dubai contains approximately 1.2 million buttons.The dove is decked out in the colours of the UAE flag and the masterpiece easily overtook the previous record holder - an 88-sq-m mosaic containing more than 900,000 buttons made by students in India, Gulf News reports.Talal Omar, Guinness World Records country manager for the Middle East and North Africa region, told the news provider that the initial aim of the project was to put together the world's largest peace mural.However, there is no official record for this and Mr Lafta and his team inadvertently reached a different milestone."You cannot define what a peace icon is. But you can do a beautiful mosaic like this which is a symbol of peace," Mr Omar was quoted as saying."There is a link. The message he [Lafta] wanted to deliver is to spread peace in our society and in the city and in the Arab world, and probably the world."Dubai has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is possible and it was no surprise when Guinness World Records announced it was setting up a new office in the UAE. After all, the organisation seems to spend quite a lot of its time assessing new record attempts in the city each year.The emirate currently boasts the largest building in the world, as well as the biggest mall on the planet.Last month, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai was officially confirmed as the tallest hotel on earth. The twin-towered complex stands at a flabbergasting 355 metres from the floor and it has instantly become one of the most sought after properties in the Middle East.

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