Over a million people commute to Dubai each day

Over a million people commute to Dubai each day

The population of Dubai increases by over a million people during the daytime. 

This is according to Khaleej Times, which has published data from the Dubai Statistics Centre. It showed that 1.1 million workers commuted into the emirate each day, leaving again at night. This swells the number of people in the city to 3.3 million. 

Figures showed that by the end of last year, Dubai's population consisted of 1.6 million males and 356,515 females - constituting 75.77 per cent and 24.23 per cent respectively. Although this seems to be extremely disproportionate, it can be explained by the fact the majority of expatriate workers in the emirate are men whose families are not living with them. It does, however, mean that for every 100 women, there are 313 men.

Statistics found that one of the major reasons so many workers commute each day is the fact Dubai is proving to be an extremely attractive investment opportunity for Arabian businessmen. Another important factor is the relatively-low rent costs in neighbouring emirates. 

The total number of employees who either live outside of the emirate or are in temporary accommodation stands at 1.5 million. Meanwhile, the report also showed that two-thirds of the population are aged between 20 to 39. 

On the whole, there were 2.213 million permanent residents in Dubai last year, an increase of 107,000 in 2012. The number of females rose by 33,565 to reach 536,515, while an extra 74,405 males were reported, bringing the total to 1.677 million.

The gap between the number of men and women in the emirate appeared to widen between the ages of 20 and 59, while tapering off again as the population reached later life. One of the biggest divides came in the 30-34 demographic, which saw males outnumber females by 274,898.

Because the number of people living in Dubai is constantly changing, the statistics centre has installed a clock on its website which estimates the populus of the emirate on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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