Guinness World Records to open a new base in Dubai

Leaders at Guinness World Records (GWR) have hinted that the organisation is set to open a new office in Dubai.Speaking to XPRESS, head of the GWR's Middle East and North Africa division Talal Omar suggested that Dubai Media City will be the setting for the body's new base."To be honest, establishing an office in Dubai was in response to a huge demand and interest in the region for the past few years when it comes to new records," he was quoted as saying.The emirate certainly has more than its fair share of global records.It is home to the tallest building on the planet - the 828-metre Burj Khalifa - and can now also claim to have the highest hotel in the world.Indeed, the twin-towered JW Marriott Marquis entered the record books towards the end of last year.At 355 metres, they are only 26 metres short of New York's famous Empire State Building.Dubai is also home to the biggest shopping mall on earth and there is every chance that further records will be broken in the coming years.Building developers are kick-starting a host of ambitious projects that were previously shelved during the global economic downturn.The fact that so many of the city's developments have achieved world records will obviously appeal to investors from all over the planet.More and more people are snapping up property investments in Dubai because they know they are likely to make sizeable profits when they come to sell their assets in the future.Attracting GWR to the UAE is a major coup and this will undoubtedly raise the country's profile even further.Currently, the organisation has its headquarters in London and also has bases in Tokyo and New York.Last year, GWR's global managing director Alistair Richards said the Middle East has a plethora of untapped talent."There are a great many achievements yet to be discovered and talented people who could challenge themselves," he remarked.The First Group can help you find properties for sale in Dubai

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