Dubai to create 'innovation hub'

Dubai to create 'innovation hub'

The crown prince of Dubai has called upon all residents to help transform the city into a hub of excellence, now the Strategy for Innovation has been approved.

Over the next three years, over 20 initiatives will be rolled out with the aim of transforming the emirate into the world's most innovative region.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was briefed on the details of the scheme, including the objects and goals of the strategy, as well as the implementation timeline.

The plan has been created in collaboration with the UAE's National Strategy for Innovation, with Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, crown prince of Dubai, being tasked with leading efforts in the emirate.

Mr Al Maktoum commented: 'Dubai has all requirements to become the world's] most innovative city. We have Sheikh Mohammed's vision and unlimited support for innovation, and we have the tools to lead the world in this aspect. We also have iintegrated teamwork from the public and private sectors. We are on the way to achieve our objectives.'

He added that through the new strategy, the emirate hopes to capitalise on its ability to innovate, opening the door for individuals and organisations to generate new ideas to improve performance and achieve better results.

It is hoped that both residents and tourists take part in the drive, as Mr Al Maktoum believes all sectors and communities within Dubai must join efforts in order for the scheme to be successful.

The strategy will be based on ten pillars, which include inspiring leadership with innovative vision, an integrated government, a proactive private sector, an environment that promotes creativity and teamwork and a positive energy that can overcome challenges.

These pillars will be supported by a number of initiatives that will encourage cooperation between the public and private sector and a global network made up of citizens of Dubai, residents and visitors

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