Dubai residents crave new technology, study shows

Dubai is one of the most forward-thinking cities on the planet and it seems that locals are desperate to make use of the very latest technological innovations.A new study by Gemalto showed that 80 per cent of people in the emirate want to utilise near field communication (NFC) systems on a regular basis.NFC is a contactless technology that is being integrated into bank cards and mobile phones. The encrypted development allows consumers to pay for goods simply by flashing their mobile handset or card against a point-of-sale machine in a shop or when using public transport.With Dubai boasting the largest malls on the planet, it is no surprise to find the demand for NFC solutions is particularly high in this part of the world.According to Gemalto, 87 per cent of survey respondents felt the technology would help to reduce queues and the majority of 18 to 24-year-olds said they would relish the opportunity to have one card that can perform multiple tasks, thus removing the need to carry lots of cards and cash around with them.Eric Claudel, senior vice president of telecommunication at Gemalto Middle East, highlighted a recent study by ABI Research, which suggested 85 per cent of payment terminals will be contactless-ready by 2016."The feedback suggests that the momentum behind contactless payment technologies in the Middle East is reaching a tipping point, and it is no longer an 'if', but rather 'when', it will become a part of everyday life," he remarked.Dubai has become a global technology hub in recent years, with a stream of influential IT companies setting up new headquarters in the city.Like many other countries, the UAE is increasingly reliant on the internet and there have been suggestions that a major outdoor Wi-Fi network will be launched across the city in the near future.Leaders at Cisco Middle East told Emirates 24/7 that web services are set for rapid growth in Dubai and free wireless connections could soon replace 3G and newer 4G networks.

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