Dubai Municipality keen to complete 10 unique projects

Senior figures at the Dubai Municipality are keen to get the majority of ten major projects completed by the end of next year.Director general of the organisation Hussain Nassir Lootah hopes new initiatives like Dubai Safari and Dubai Frame will be open to the public as soon as possible.Altogether, the ten projects - which also includes souks, a new fish market and shopping complexes - will cost in the region of AED 883.5 million (£158.2 million) and have the potential to make a big difference to the city's tourism offerings.Dubai Safari alone is costing AED 150 million and it will be one of the finest wildlife parks in the Middle East, with all kinds of creatures being showcased at the complex. Dubai Frame, meanwhile, is a massive transparent structure that will be built in Zabeel Park at a cost of AED 120 million.Mr Lootah remarked: "The civic body is confident of accomplishing the two ambitious tourism projects, Dubai Safari and Dubai Frame, by the end of 2014, in addition to eight high-tech markets across the different areas of the emirate."In addition to this, the Dubai Municipality is working on a Holy Quran Park and Maritime Museum, although these initiatives are still in their infancy.All of these new features will enhance Dubai's infrastructure, which is already among the best on the planet.There is so much for tourists to see and do and it seems that barely a week goes by without another impressive attraction opening in the city.A number of parks have been recognised by Guinness World Records, including the Dubai Miracle Garden - the largest natural flower garden on earth.Dubai welcomed a record number of foreign visitors next year and experts predict that 66 million people will travel into Dubai International Airport in 2013, with a sizeable proportion of these passengers being leisure travellers.With this in mind, it makes sense for investors to purchase hotels, villas and apartments in the city as soon as possible, as prices will continue to rise as more and more holidaymakers flood into the emirate.

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