Dubai is the destination of choice for oil and gas workers

Oil and gas professionals from around the world still see Dubai as the best place to work.A new study by Rigzone has indicated that Dubai tops the list of cities with the brightest future, followed by Calgary, Denver, Singapore and Jakarta.The organisation asked 8,000 oil and gas professionals where they saw the best investment potential and it is clear that the UAE is the place to be.Of course, there are lots of things that need to be considered when moving to another country, especially for people who specialise in such a demanding and high-powered industry.Rigzone president Paul Caplan highlighted a few of the factors that oil rig and gas field workers need to think about."Work-life balance continues to be a dominant theme. Energy professionals know there's a lot of hours put in, but there are just as many opportunities for extended time off," he remarked."Add in higher than average compensation and energy professionals have the time and the means to enjoy diverse, rich cultures found in some of the world's most exotic locations."This explains why Dubai is such a popular choice among riggers. Not only is the city blessed with some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves, but it offers everything that workers could possibly need during their free time.The emirate has some of the finest villas, apartments and hotels on earth and is also full of world-class restaurants, clubs and upmarket retail outlets.Expats from countries like Bangladesh and the US have accepted jobs in Dubai's oil and gas sector in the recent past and there is every chance that thousands of other foreign workers will descend on the Gulf in the coming years.Dubai's economy has grown significantly in the past 12 months and experts predict the city's gross domestic product to expand by between three and four per cent by the end of 2013.Rigzone chiefs insisted the wealth generated by the lucrative natural resources sector has been used to create a "business-friendly and economically-diversified city".

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