College football could be coming to Dubai

Dubai could stage a major US college football 'bowl' in the future, sources have suggested.Some of the less established teams in the North American country are keen to take some of the limelight away from the larger 'Power Five' conferences and a new finale could be the answer.ESPN reports that nine locations have been earmarked for a possible college football extravaganza, four of which are outside the US. As well as Dubai, football chiefs are also considering taking the sport to Dublin, Toronto and Nassau in the Bahamas.Ken Hoffman, chairman and executive director of the Little Caesars Bowl, told the sports news broadcaster that he has been talking to some of the smaller conferences about possibly adding a new bowl in a foreign country.Meanwhile, another source was quoted as saying: "The smaller 'Group of Five' conferences are exploring adding bowl games because they are being locked out by the big boys."They're looking to create bowl games so their teams will have bowls for their bowl-eligible teams."American football is becoming increasingly popular all around the world and the annual Superbowl - which features the two best teams in the National Football League (NFL) - is one of the most watched televised sporting occasions on the planet.In fact, some high-profile games have been staged in different countries in recent years and have pulled in sell-out crowds, most notably at London's Wembley Stadium.Although college football is not on the same level as NFL, it is still extremely well supported and is starting to attract more interest from outside the US.Some critics believe there are already too many bowls held each year, but moving one of college football's showpiece events to the Middle East could be a masterstroke.Dubai has already demonstrated the fact it is more than capable of hosting top-class sporting events, with major golf and tennis competitions taking place in the city each year. Rumours have also been circulating that the emirate could stage a high-profile boxing match later this year.

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