Architects plan 'Flower Tower' in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its weird and wonderful skyscrapers and the city could be about to see yet another innovative structure being built.A French architect is planning to erect a multi-storey "Flower Tower", which will bring lots of greenery to the emirate.Detailed proposals will be unveiled at the outdoor landscaping show being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre between March 25th and 27th.The stunning building will have plants and flowers built into the facade, so residents get the feeling that they are living in a meadow, even though they are high up in the sky in one of the busiest cities in the Middle East.Edouard Francois is the man behind the spectacular tower and he has already created a nine-storey version in Paris.The tower will be presented at the show by Italian firm Teracrea and the company's export manager Lamberto Scalabrin recently told Emirates 24/7 a little bit about the structure.He remarked: "The building will be encircled by plants blending perfectly with the surroundings and using centralised automatic irrigation. From every room in every apartment, the view will be filtered by plant life, giving the impression that there is a garden directly outside one's window."The Dubai government is keen to cover around 25 per cent of the emirate with green space by 2025 and projects such as the Flower Tower will be crucial if this target is to be met.Last week, the beautiful Dubai Miracle Garden was officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest natural flower garden on the planet.With more than 45 million flowers on show, the 72,000-sq-m park is simply stunning and the vibrant colours need to be seen to be believed.Dubai is changing all the time and property investors are likely to benefit from the city's green ideology, as the emirate is an increasingly nice place to live.The demand for real estate in the region is already very high and developments like the Flower Tower and Dubai Miracle Garden are likely to encourage even more people to relocate to the city.Click here for your free property investment guide

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