Dubai, UAE: Children from the Abuja Orphanage (SOS Village Nigeria) enjoyed a festive surprise from The First Group, with the arrival of team member, Simon Brown, complete in Santa Claus gear. Simon paid a special visit to the orphanage that is one of 10 houses sponsored by The First Group in Abuja, Nigeria. The houses provide homes for 50 children, and are part of the SOS Children’s Village network, an organisation that has more than 490 children’s villages in 124 countries.

“It was a very humbling experience that I was so proud to be a part of. The kids enjoyed every minute of The First Group’s party, from the DJ and dancing to the arrival of Santa Claus!” commented Simon who handed out bags of presents to the children during the trip. “Many of The First Group’s staff members both past and present sponsor a child here. It doesn’t cost much, but this help goes such a long way.”

“Seeing the pictures of these children laughing, singing and enjoying themselves really reinforces our commitment to helping wonderful charities like SOS Nigeria,” continued Danny Lubert, co-founder and joint chairman of The First Group. “It is all part of The First Group’s values and indeed our motto, a Foundation for Growth. It is a real honour to be able to see first hand the difference we can make in the lives of young people who are less privileged than ourselves.”