Co-founder and Joint Chairman of The First Group Gary Shepherd and his wife Fiona  participated in a gruelling hike to 6,150 metre summit of Stok Kangri in Ladakh, India. The trekkers began their ascent at midnight and reached the summit by 8.30am in temperatures of minus 8 or less. The following day they visited the school that was to receive the donations - the funds raised are helping to complete the building of Food for Life Vrindavan’s third school, which currently has more than 600 children on a waiting list to attend.

“The trek was a huge success, with The First Group’s contribution adding up to nearly a quarter of total donations. It was the experience of a lifetime and it has been made even more special by being able to see for ourselves what those efforts are helping to achieve.”  Gary Shepherd, Co-founder and Joint Chairman of The First Group