People buying in Dubai 'should do their research

22/05/2012 - Dubai Investment News Posted by Neil King
People buying in Dubai 'should do their research

 People who are looking at buying in Dubai - perhaps because of a career move - have been advised to read up as much as they can about the area they are relocating to.

Executive editor at Jennifer Stevens explained that getting as much information about their new home as they can will better-quip soon-to-be expats.


She recommended they join foreign national forums and groups online to enter in a discussion about things that helped other people with their transition from the UK to the emirate - and noted these resources are easy to find.

Ms Stevens added that it may be beneficial to rent an apartment in Dubai to experience life in the city for a period of time prior to the big move.

"Don't just go on vacation, but instead test drive life for a few weeks or months. That is going to be the best education you can give yourself in advance," the expert remarked.

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