Danny Dyer 'loves the glitter of Dubai'

21/12/2012 - Dubai Lifestyle News Bob Brunskill
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Danny Dyer 'loves the glitter of Dubai'

Actor-turned-DJ Danny Dyer will take to the decks at a huge show in Dubai tonight (December 21st).

The star is set to play at the Rock Bottom event and this is not the first time he has appeared in the emirate.

He performed at Ahlan!'s LOUD party back in May this year and he really enjoyed the experience.

Dyer told Ahlan! Live that the UAE is a "great place" and he loves "the glitter of it all".

Speaking about his career change, he explained how privileged he feels to showcase his talents in the UAE.

"Obviously I'm no Carl Cox but I like to bring a bit of music to the party. Usually we do little towns up north [of England] so doing it in Dubai is a beautiful thing," he was quoted as saying.

Dyer also suggested that people get the wrong impression of him because of the roles he has played in films.

The actor has appeared in numerous gangster flicks, including The Business, as well as other gritty movies like The Football Factory.

"It's just the way I talk. I'm a sensitive soul really," he continued.

"I think the rep comes because of some of the movies I've made, some of the characters I've played."

Dyer is certainly not the first actor to be impressed by Dubai this year.

A host of Hollywood stars visited the emirate for the prestigious 2012 Dubai International Film Festival earlier this month and both Cate Blanchett and Freida Pinto reserved special praise for the city.

Blanchett said the Madinat Jumeirah - which hosted the glitzy event - was "just wonderful" and that Dubai was a perfect place to stage such a high-class occasion.

Meanwhile, Pinto insisted that Dubai is a "beautiful place to work".

She was also a big fan of the Madinat Jumeirah and was particularly impressed with the impeccable levels of service offered by the resort.

Of course, this is just one of many world-class hotels that line the streets of Dubai.

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