BA highlights Dubai as a top destination for 2013

19/12/2012 - Dubai Lifestyle News Neil King
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BA highlights Dubai as a top destination for 2013

British Airways (BA) has included Dubai in its list of the top 13 destinations to visit in 2013.

The airline believes the city will continue to provide excellent value for money in the new year and lots of people are expected to head for the emirate.

A record number of passengers (57 million) are predicted to pass through Dubai International Airport by the end of 2012 and there is every chance that this figure will be even higher next year.

BA said travellers are attracted to Dubai's "Middle Eastern charm", as well as the city's ultra-modern facilities.

Many holidaymakers are simply blown away by the sheer size of the buildings in Dubai and there are some things that defy belief. After all, who would expect to find a ski slope in the middle of the Gulf?

"Dubai has become more affordable over the past few years, yet still offers super high-end hotels and unrivalled luxury," commented BA destination manager Ash van Wensveen.

Meanwhile, Paolo De Renzis, area commercial manager for the Middle East and Central Asia suggested that Dubai is a long-term favourite among holidaymakers from the West.

"Dubai has long been a destination of choice for Europeans looking for sun, sand and shopping, while at the same time, Dubai residents are looking for new cities and countries to discover," he remarked.

Although it is increasingly seen as a value-for-money destination, many parts of Dubai are still the preserve of the rich and famous.

This is why properties in exclusive areas - such as The Palm - are very popular among investors at the moment.

Hotel owners can bump up their room rates, especially when there is a major event or conference in the city, while people who have apartments in more upmarket parts of town can increase their rents.

With more and more exciting building developments set to be finished next year, investors have never had so much choice when looking for new assets in the UAE.

Dubai property investment opportunity - The First Group