UAE tops Middle East salary charts

15/03/2011 - Dubai Lifestyle News Posted by Neil King
UAE tops Middle East salary charts

Workers in the UAE will be encouraged to learn that they are the highest earners across the Middle East and North Africa.

A survey by and YouGov Siraj has revealed that seven per cent of UAE workers earn $8,001 or more each month, Khaleej Times reported.

Data from the report also showed that 63 per cent of respondents from the UAE believe they are better off than others, while 37 per cent classed themselves as "average" earners.

Overall, three per cent of UAE professionals are highly satisfied with their earnings, while 50 per cent are of medium satisfaction and 47 per cent saying they have a low satisfaction level.

The study also showed that five per cent of workers in Kuwait are highly satisfied, compared to two per cent in Jordan and Lebanon.

North African countries including Egypt, Morocco and Algeria have the lowest-paid workers in the region, the report added.

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