UAE to see telecoms network improve

16/03/2011 - Dubai Investment News Posted by Neil King
UAE to see telecoms network improve

The UAE will see it telecommunications networks services improve over the coming years following the announcement of new investment.

Etisalat chairman Mohammed Omran has confirmed that the UAE telecom will be investing $15 billion (Dh 55 billion) over the next five years, Emirates 24/7 reported.

The telecoms boss said Dh5 billion of the amount will exclusively be used for fibre optic implementation.

"People want high speed data on the move, including streaming media. We have established that there is an interconnection between media and telecom and that is what we planning to exploit," he told the news provider.

"According to statistics, by 2015, there will a global population of 7.2 billion and the same number of connected devices. And by 2020, 25 billion machines will be connected via a network."

The expert added that this will lead to higher demand for mobile data, citing recent Cisco Systems research which showed that by 2015 mobile data use will be 26 times what it is now.

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