Professionals rank UAE in world's top ten countries to live and work

14/03/2011 - Dubai Investment News Posted by Neil King
Professionals rank UAE in world's top ten countries to live and work

The UAE is one of the ten best countries in the world to live and work, according to a new study.

Hydrogen's recently-published Global Professionals on the Move Report 2011 showed that 4.76 per cent of the 3,155 people asked said they would elect to move to the UAE when considering a move abroad.

This placed the country ahead of China, Switzerland and Singapore and only marginally behind France and Hong Kong.

Tim Smeaton, chief executive officer of Hydrogen Group, explained: "Some of the countries where we are seeing highest demand are in the Middle East and Asia, such as Singapore and the UAE.

"These countries meet the criteria of highly skilled professionals in terms of safety, stability and cultural fit, they just may not be countries they would first think of in terms of a move abroad. However, these are countries where English is the common language – indeed, the language of business – and they offer vibrant expat communities with an excellent attitude and a high standard of living."

The UAE popularity was even clearer in with those working in the legal, finance, technology and human resources sectors, placing ahead of Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Germany and China.

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