Private sector investment in Kenyan business 'can address challenges'

10/03/2011 - Kenya property & investment news Posted by Neil King
Private sector investment in Kenyan business 'can address challenges'

Some of Kenya's social and economical challenges can be addressed by private sector investment in technology.

This is the view of the country's information permanent secretary, Dr Bitange Ndemo.

Dr Ndemo said that local entrepreneurs and other businesses should invest in technology and knowledge to make the most of what the country has to offer.

Capital FM Kenya reported the secretary as remarking: "We poured milk last year and yet we spent over Sh15 billion to import cheese.

"I don't know whether anybody gets embarrassed with that. All the information about how to process cheese is available on the internet and so are the equipment needed to do so."

However, he added that investment in Kenyan infrastructure is already paying off. For example, the country now has more reliable and affordable internet access since it invested in three undersea fibre optic cables.

Dr Ndemo added that the infrastructure in Kenya is "inching closer" to Africa's average level of internet penetration.

He noted that the country jumped from 3.5 million internet users a year to ago to around nine million this year.ADNFCR-2019-ID-800455214-ADNFCR