Expats could be enticed by affordability of Abu Dhabi property

17/02/2011 - Dubai Lifestyle News
Expats could be enticed by affordability of Abu Dhabi property

Growing numbers of Western professionals could be persuaded to move to Abu Dhabi as they look to take advantage of the growing affordability of the emirate.

Back in 2009 the human resources consultancy firm ECA released a report which revealed Abu Dhabi to be the third most-expensive city on the planet for expat professionals.

However, the newly-published follow-up to this paper revealed that it has now fallen to seventh in the list of the costliest places on the planet for expats to relocate to, though despite relative falls, investors in property in Abu Dhabi are still benefitting from the highest rents in the Middle East region.

The ECA research reveals that Tokyo and Hong Kong are now the most-expensive destinations for expats, with Doha and Dubai both making the top 20 once again.

More generally, the firm has also noted that global businesses are becoming more willing to send their employees overseas, potentially spelling good news for property investors in a range of locations.

Meanwhile, the British Embassy in Dubai has issued a new booklet offering expats living there fresh advice on respecting local laws and customs.

Posted by Bob Brunskill

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