Dubai property marketing picking up, local experts say

25/02/2011 - Dubai Property News Posted by Bob Brunskill
Dubai property marketing picking up, local experts say

The property market in Dubai is continuing to pick up, with both national and international buyers looking to invest in new assets.

Following on from a couple of slow years in which investors were wary of parting with their money against a backdrop of global economic uncertainty, new figures show confidence is steadily returning to the sector.

Indeed, a new report from the region's English-language National newspaper reveals that some property firms have seen a '100 per cent' increase in property sales over the past year alone.

In particular, real estate professionals are witnessing an upturn in interest among international investors in Dubai property, including from cash-rich buyers based in India and Russia.

"Activity within the sales market has been strong in the sense that people continue to search for good deals," Tom Bunker, the investment sales consultant for Better Homes, told the newspaper.

"This type of activity was seen throughout most of 2010 and seems to be continuing now in 2011."

This comes just days after Bloomberg reported that crane operators are getting back to work as building projects recommence across Dubai.

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