Demand for Kenyan rental property on the rise

11/02/2011 - Kenya property & investment news Posted by Bob Brunskill
Demand for Kenyan rental property on the rise

A mortgage financier has expanded its operations to meet the rising demand for rental properties in Kenya.

Housing Finance said that it will aim to provide a personalised service for helping people find their desired rental unit in Kenya, reported.

"At Housing Finance, we help you identify your ideal property or tenants and we do not charge you for the visits we make while trying to identify a suitable unit for you," said Housing Finance head of mortgages David Maveke of the initiative.

As the website observed, the move follows a recent property index by Hass Consult which pointed to a rising demand for residential property outside of Nairobi.

Commenting on the trend earlier this week, the Business Daily Africa noted that there has been a marked upsurge in the construction of new housing units in areas like Naivasha, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nakuru.

Describing this as "a trend that is expected to ease demand pressure on Nairobi and help tame price inflation", the news source also suggested it could add a new dimension to property market growth in Kenya.

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