UAE 25 encourages SME competition

16/08/2010 - Dubai Investment News
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UAE 25 encourages SME competition

Posted by Neil King

Potential FZ-LLC, a leading business development company based in Dubai, is among those launching the UAE 25 contest with a view to encouraging competition among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

The UAE 25 is part of the Arabia 500, which covers the Middle East and North Africa and will see the winners recognised as global standard entrepreneurs among the fastest-growing and best performing private companies across the regions.

Working in partnership with AllWorld Network, a US-based global economic development firm, and Professor Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, Potential claim that becoming part of the UAE 25 will enable companies to earn powerful local and global endorsement and boost the morale of their employees and investors.

Companies compete for a spot on the UAE 25 based on their growth rate recorded in their annual revenues for the years between 2007 and 2009.

They must also prove that they have been able to grow at a very fast rate during these years while meeting the international standards of competitive entrepreneurship. Companies can visit the Arabia 500 web page at to find out more and apply for free.

Other Arabia 500 programmes include the Saudi 100, Jordan 25, Lebanon 25 and Egypt 25.

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