Drydocks World-Dubai receives 'Envirobot' technology

24/07/2010 - Dubai Investment News
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Drydocks World-Dubai receives 'Envirobot' technology

Posted by Bob Brunskill

Drydocks World-Dubai, the largest ship repair and conversion facility between Europe and the Far East, has taken ownership of four hi-tech Envirobot systems from Chariot Robotics.

The Envirobots apply environmentally-friendly technology that removes coatings from vessels using a patented magnetically attached robot to apply high pressure water to surfaces.

According to Chariot Robotics, the radio-controlled system increases productivity, improves worker safety and allows other work to proceed simultaneously.

Mohammad Rizal of Drydocks World-Dubai commented: "We are pleased to have selected this technology for its beneficial environmental factors and to enhance our own productivity.

"As we become increasingly at home with the operating systems, we will consider upping the number of units."

Drydocks World-Dubai's strategic geographic location, advanced technologies and well-resourced workshops have made it the preferred facility for local and international maritime companies, the yard authorities say.

Meanwhile, Dubai's Chamber of Commerce and Industry reported earlier this week that the emirate's construction sector is expected to rebound next year on the back of the large amount of projects being awarded in 2010.

Dubai property investment opportunity - The First Group