Visa rolls out 'financial literacy' in Dubai schools

16/05/2010 - Dubai Lifestyle News
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Visa rolls out 'financial literacy' in Dubai schools

Posted by Neil King

Visa has launched its financial literacy programme in two schools in Dubai.

The scheme, which will run at Al Mahlab Boys School and the Religious Institute, aims to develop money management skills among young people in the UAE, the payment solutions provider said.

As part of the launch, children at the schools were introduced to Visa's new Financial Football video game which tests players' knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down field and try to score goals.

Visa has also set up a dedicated financial literacy website for the Middle East at as part of its global commitment to reach 20 million people worldwide with financial literacy information by May 2013.

Lama Kabbani, corporate communications manager for Visa in the Middle East, said: "Visa launched its Financial Football programme in the Middle East earlier this year.

"Since then we have undertaken a number of activities with schools, teachers and media to further awareness about the importance of empowering young people with financial knowledge so that they can make informed decisions in the future."

Meanwhile, it was also reported this week that Dubai Municipality has signed a deal with communications provider Etisalat for the provision of wireless internet connections in Zabeel Park.

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