Road infrastructure progresses in Dubai's Downtown Jebel Ali district

10/05/2010 - Dubai Investment News
Road infrastructure progresses in Dubai's Downtown Jebel Ali district

Posted by Neil King

A new road has opened in the Dubai district of Downtown Jebel Ali as part of major infrastructure development that will improve access to construction and industry sites in the area.

In the immediate term, the opening of the slip road link with the Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR) carriageway has served to improve access to the Galleries, a flagship residential project by the development firm Limitless.

On a wider scale, the link will form part of a major new junction on SZR - Interchange 8 - that will serve downtown Jebel Ali and the Jebel Ali Free Zone when it is fully operational. Interchange 8 is due to open this summer, according to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

In addition, Salah Ameen, executive director of Limitless in the Middle East, announced: "As master developer of Downtown Jebel Ali, we have sufficiently completed deep services infrastructure to allow third party developments to begin. Now we are laying the roads, streets and pavements that will connect the Galleries with other districts and buildings."

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that a construction-linked payment schedule has been drawn up to ensure delivery of the Paradise Lakes Towers residential and commercial development in Dubai by the end of 2011.