Dubai Metro offers 'brand building' opportunity to Noor Islamic Bank

12/05/2010 - Dubai Investment News
Dubai Metro offers 'brand building' opportunity to Noor Islamic Bank

Posted by Neil King

Dubai's Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has granted Noor Islamic Bank the right to name a Dubai Metro Station as a means of forging a "new strategic partnership" with the financial institution.

The RTA said the initiative - which will see Noor gain naming rights for a station at Al Qouz, Sheikh Zayed Road for a ten-year period - is part of a wider aim of forging links with local and international establishments.

Abdul-Mohsin Ibrahim Younes of the RTA's strategy and corporate governance sector said: "The trademarks to name the metro stations in a way create a new and innovative platform for marketing and building brands."

Noor's inclusion brings the number of named stations under the project to 21. The RTA said the figure reflected the "flourishing economic activity" in Dubai city and proved that the station naming initiative is an attractive means of showcasing the profiles of businesses at the highest levels.

Meanwhile, it was reported this week that a new road has opened in the Dubai district of Downtown Jebel Ali as part of major infrastructure development that will improve access to construction and industry sites in the area.

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