Dubai property 'among most competitive'

16/04/2010 - Dubai Property News
Dubai property investment opportunity - The First Group
Dubai property 'among most competitive'

Posted by Bob Brunskill

Property in Dubai has been ranked top in the Middle East and Africa in terms of transparency, availability of quality real estate assets and market openness, according to a new survey.

Participants in the Jones Lang LaSalle's (JLL) latest Real Estate Investor Sentiment Survey also agreed that Dubai had done the most address any real estate market issues in recent months, reports Business 24/7.

The survey also revealed that investors' average yield expectations have increased by around 90 basis points in the past six months.

"This reflects ongoing concerns over softening market conditions and potential oversupply in many markets. Yield expectations have increased everywhere with the exception of Qatar, where they remained the same at around 10.7 per cent," said the JLL report.

Another United Arab Emirate, Abu Dhabi, came second in the survey, with investors praising its liquidity, capital availability for the real estate market and government support for the sector.

Earlier this week, findings from overseas mortgage firm Conti said that more people are applying for its home loan products, suggesting that confidence in the overseas property market is growing.

Dubai property investment opportunity - The First Group