Dubai's population rose by 7.3% in 2009

16/03/2010 - Dubai Investment News
Dubai's population rose by 7.3% in 2009

Posted by Bob Brunskill

Dubai's population grew by 7.32 per cent in 2009 to reach 1,770,978, it has been revealed.

The Dubai Statistics Centre said the growth rate has remained steady over the past few years, contradicting the widespread belief that a slowdown in construction led to a fall in the level of population, Emirates Business 24/7 reported.

Statistical demographics analyst Ali Abd Al Qadir told the news provider: "While the growth is not as sharp as it was when the rate peaked in 2006, coinciding with the construction leap that year, the growth was steady last year and there was no decrease."

In addition, it was reported that a growing number of people have moved to Dubai from Abu Dhabi because of lower rents. Many have settled in areas with easy access to the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway and commuted to work, Emirates Business said.

UK minister for trade Lord Davies recently claimed that Dubai is a "natural hub" for the Middle East.