Dubai to expand green spaces

05/03/2010 - Dubai Investment News
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Dubai to expand green spaces

Posted by Neil King

The Dubai municipal government has announced plans to increase the emirate's green areas by four per cent over the next two years.

Officials have said they hope to provide every person living in Dubai with the equivalent of 25 metres squared of green space by 2020, Construction Week reported.

The municipality estimates this figure to be 13.18 metres squared at present.

Mohammed Hassan Al Fardan, of the municipality's public parks and horticulture department, said: " Our surroundings are highly important for all of us and make Dubai an attractive and pleasant city in which to live; for this reason, we are pushing ahead with our extensive plans."

He added that the department has ambitious plans to include a greater variety of plants and flower species from across the world.

This week it was reported that two UAE-based hotels - The Palace, The Old Town in Dubai and Miramar Resort in Fujairah - have become the first hotels in the country to sign-up for the eco-friendly Green Globe Certification.

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