New waste disposal system 'will bring cleaner environment to Abu Dhabi'

08/02/2010 -
New waste disposal system 'will bring cleaner environment to Abu Dhabi'

Posted by Neil King

Authorities in Abu Dhabi have implemented a new waste management system as they seek to provide a cleaner environment for residents.

The system involves replacing existing bins with an electro-hydraulic underground waste collection system, Gulf News reported.

Majid Al Mansouri, managing director of the Centre of Waste Management, said that the system would eliminate odours, scavengers and litter around collection points, thereby improving the overall aesthetic of Abu Dhabi.

Mr Al Mansouri confirmed that the underground system will be installed at 115 locations across Abu Dhabi by July.

A steel receiver unit for depositing waste is the only visible element of the containers at ground level. To enable more efficient waste collection, the containers are also fitted with censors which send alerts when they are 75 per cent full, Gulf News reported.

Improving infrastructure in Abu Dhabi may boost investment in the emirate. Last week, the annual review of investment funds by Standard & Poor's Fund Services found that its fund managers in the Middle East and North Africa are largely expecting markets to rise despite the global economic climate.

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