Limelight PR to launch in Dubai

18/02/2010 - Dubai Investment News
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Limelight PR to launch in Dubai
Posted by Bob Brunskill

Limelight Public Relations, an award winning agency based in London, is launching an independent office in Dubai.

The firm said the office will fulfil a need for business driven communications across the Middle East.

Dubai Media City will be the setting for the new consultancy which will join a network with a presence in Sydney and New York, as well as London.

Limelight Middle East will primarily focus on business PR and communications. It will also ensure that any PR or media strategy is integrated directly with a company's development and sales programme.

James Holmes, managing director for the Dubai office, said: "We want to bring a high level of professionalism to the Middle East and Dubai PR industry, not just for the benefit of our clients but journalists and broadcasters too."

Last week, a Dubai official claimed that the UAE's oil reserves, infrastructure and current investment projects are enough to support the country's growth for the next 30 years, Gulf News reported.
Dubai property investment opportunity - The First Group