Dubai draws up plans to ration utilities

09/02/2010 - Dubai Investment News
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Dubai draws up plans to ration utilities
Posted by Neil King

The Dubai government has set out diversification plans for managing the emirate's oil and gas supplies.

According to Emirates Business 24/7, the emirate's economic programme has resulted in an increased demand for more electricity to power offices, machines, homes and schools.

As a result, two new bodies were created in September last year to oversee Dubai's long-term energy policy. The Energy Higher Council was established to address demand while the Department of Petroleum Affairs was set up to address supply.

The bodies have now implemented a tariff scheme in both the industrial and consumer sectors which is designed to manage energy supplies.

Amal Koshak, senior manager of demand and tariff management at the Energy Higher Council, told Emirates Business: "After having introduced slab tariff into the billing system that facilitated reducing customers' rate of utilities consumption, along with our aggressive and continuous awareness-raising outreach programmes, we were able to achieve significant savings on water and electricity."

Energy prospects in the emirate were boosted by the discovery of an offshore oilfield last week which the government said would "notably increase the production of crude in Dubai".
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