Dubai Chamber commended for 'green building revolution'

20/02/2010 - Dubai Property News
Dubai Chamber commended for 'green building revolution'
Posted by Bob Brunskill

A 'green revolution' is occurring in Dubai as a growing number of its buildings conform to environmentally-friendly standards, it has been claimed.

At present, only six buildings in the emirate have been certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, but 450 more are now awaiting accreditation, Gulf News reported.

Ty Lawson, technical director at WSP Energy and Environment, told the news provider that following a slow start, developers in Dubai have stepped up their efforts to meet green standards.

"Any movement towards these aspirations is good as the UAE is trying to achieve in two to three years what took Europe and the US 15 to 20 years to develop, and must be applauded for the huge effort," said the expert.

This week, Kleindienst Group, the development firm behind the Heart of Europe project at The World, told Emirates Business 24/7 that the demand for holiday homes at offshore projects in Dubai is on the rise.
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