UAE expats could find new jobs once contracts end

10/11/2010 - Dubai Lifestyle News
UAE expats could find new jobs once contracts end

Posted by Bob Brunskill

Foreign workers in the UAE could soon be allowed to find a new job once their contract ends if the market is in need of them, the Ministry of Labour is expected to announce.

Saqr Gobash Saeed Gobash, minister of Labour, said in a statement to the Federal National Council that the move will lead the ministry to take steps to prevent abuse of the sponsorship programme.

His comments come after critics spoke out against the costly system, which costs the UAE around Dh50 billion a year to host more than four million expat workers.

"After the job contract ends, each party to it will be free to determine the new relationship they wish to enter either with the same party or a third party," said Mr Gobash

"There will be no restrictions as long as no violation of the law is made."

These changes could see an influx of foreign workers come to the country or stay for longer periods of time.

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