Space-saving parking technology comes to UAE

08/10/2010 - Dubai Property News
Space-saving parking technology comes to UAE

Posted by Neil King

UAE real estate developers may be set to benefit from innovative, space-saving car parking technology that is currently being applied in Abu Dhabi.

Boomerang Parking Systems, a US-based company, recently started its first UAE project at the West View Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Gulf News reported.

The technology involves using Boomerang's Robotic Valet system that can roll on solid concrete slab floors in any direction within a car park.

Speaking to the newspaper, Woody Nash, director of Boomerang Parking Systems, said: "A traditional car park in the UAE and the US (since both countries generally use the same models) typically uses 45 to 50 sq m for a car. With our system, it's 18 to 24 sq m a car. We're able to use automation to fit twice as many cars into the same space as a conventional self park garage."

He added that automated parking can be a major space-saving and cost-saving measure for real estate developers.

Indeed, Mr Nash commented that in accordance with its visionary 2030 plan, Abu Dhabi is aiming to increase the number of parking spaces that go into developments.

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