Dubai forum promotes sustainability in construction

05/01/2010 - Dubai Property News
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Dubai forum promotes sustainability in construction

Posted by Bob Brunskill

The Dubai Forum, a leading platform for discussions on sustainable development, was held today (January 5th).

Over 40 speakers and panellists and more than 400 delegates from 15 countries met at the forum to explore ways of achieving sustainability in the region's construction industry.

The event, which was organized by Brand Dubai, was based on the theme of Architecture for Sustainable Societies. Tayeb Kamali, vice chancellor of the UAE's Higher Colleges of Technology, said that developers had to learn more about diversities in the architectural sector in order to promote sustainability.

Meanwhile, Mona Al Marri, chief executive officer of Brand Dubai, said that she wished to see the forum become a means of gathering inputs from the architectural, design and planning sectors.

"The Dubai Forum will publish an annual anthology on sustainability and environmental development in Dubai and across the UAE. Our objective is to create a body of work that will benefit professionals, scholars, students, educators and the general public in the Arab world," she added.

Yesterday saw the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest building. Its developer, Emaar Properties, has described it as the crowning achievement of Dubai's construction project.

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