Dubai Chamber launches new business advisory service

06/10/2010 - Dubai Investment News
Dubai Chamber launches new business advisory service

Posted by Neil King

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry has launched a new business advisory service for companies aiming to expand their presence in the emirate.

In a statement, the chamber said that its Business Support Department is now offering one-on-one guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses in a range of areas including setting up, expansion, organisational restructuring, investment opportunities and the exploration of new potential markets in the UAE and abroad.

The programme offers "Advisory Basic" and "Advisory Plus" service options to members, with the former providing preliminary information, business planning tools and general guidance and the latter assisting in identifying business and market opportunities through specific practical guidance.

"According to its mission of representing, supporting and protecting the interests of the business community in Dubai, the chamber also offers regular educational seminars, business decision-making and credit rating tools, as well as demand-driven advisory services to all its members and stakeholders," commented chamber executive Dr Belaid Rettab.

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