Study looks at Dubai property buyers' wish lists

09/09/2009 - Dubai Property News
Study looks at Dubai property buyers' wish lists

Written by Ashley Waterman

Having a property in Dubai that is close to the office or near to a Metro station is vitally important to a number of the emirate's residents, a new study has found.

According to a study which asked 625 people in the region what their purchasing criteria was for a home, almost 40 per cent of respondents said they would like to be able to walk to their place of work.

In addition, 29 per cent placed great emphasis on having a Metro station to hand, with residents admitting they would also be prepared to pay more for such as privilege.

The research was conducted by AMRB for Limitless and also drew attention to the fact that people living in Dubai want access to a socially active community, as well as a good view - preferably of a park or gardened area.

Saeed Ahmed Saeed, chief executive of the latter company, said it was important to take on board some of the information the study had offered up.

"Our research sends out a clear message," he explained, "people want to walk more and try alternative transport, to the extent that it influences where they live and how much they are willing to pay."

Limitless recently announced the appointment of Dusan Mills as its new head of development.

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