Dubai group discusses innovation in business

15/09/2009 - Dubai Investment News
Dubai group discusses innovation in business

Written by Bob Brunskill

A company in Dubai has sponsored a recent seminar based on developing creativity and encouraging individuals to redefine their goals.

The Al Khaleej Sugar Company worked in cooperation with the Dubai Quality group to provide the lesson for various public and private sector representatives.

Named the Ideas.Arabia Subgroup, it was held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and aims to help businesses maximise their resources.

The association is a subsidiary of the Dubai Quality Group and honorary member Abdul Obaid Ali said developing creativity was a fundamental need for any company.

"Organisations need creativity to be able to continue, survive, compete and produce in this dynamic environment," he added. "Innovation is very important."

Al Khaleej Sugar is a standalone refinery and started up in 1995. Its daily capacity was established at 2,400 tons but is now capable of 4,800 tons.

Its products include raw sugar, refined sugar and sugar syrup, which it says is a better alternative to molasses in industrial use.

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