Burj Dubai to host 'inspirational' exhibition

22/09/2009 - Dubai Property News
Burj Dubai to host 'inspirational' exhibition

Written by Bob Brunskill

A new attraction aimed at detailing the rich history of Dubai is to be a feature of the world's tallest building, it has been advised.

According to the group behind the Burj Dubai, which currently stands at over 800 metres in height, the finished tower will house a dedicated observatory on its 124th floor that will offer visitors a "top of the world feeling".

Developed by Emaar Properties, it is promised that in addition to "majestic, sweeping vistas" of the emirate, people will also be able to take an evocative and interactive journey" through an event about its evolution.

Named At The Top, the tribute is designed to be a tribute to "mankind's quest to push higher, harder and faster".

The building's general manager Thomas Dempsey commented the finished attraction will be "educational, inspirational, compelling and thoroughly fulfilling".

Tickets for At The Top will be available at the base of the structure in the Dubai Mall, where the creation of the tower will be highlighted in a series of LED displays, design plans and a scale model of the tower itself.

In comparison to some of the other largest global structures, the Burj is currently over 300 metres taller than the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan.

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