Air France KLM links Dubai with A380

23/09/2009 - Dubai Lifestyle News
Air France KLM links Dubai with A380

Written by Bob Brunskill

Those looking at Dubai property investment may be interested in the latest travel option available to them as a seasonal flight schedule is announced.

It was revealed this week that as part of Air France KLM's winter 2009-2010 operation, which starts on October 25th, the airline will now provide a daily service to the emirate with a new jet.

This means the company will be using an Airbus A380 - also known as the superjumbo - to fly to the region from January 18th next year.

Overall, the changes will see the volume of flights to Dubai reduced from 14 to 12, but the introduction of the Airbus A380 will allow for passenger numbers to be managed.

It was also noted that elsewhere, long-haul passengers on Air France will have access to the new Premium Voyageur Class option on a number of its planes.

Other airlines operating the superjumbo to Dubai include Emirates, who fly the A380 from Heathrow.