Research reveals UAE favourite property spots

07/05/2009 - Dubai Property News
Research reveals UAE favourite property spots

People making a property investment in Dubai are increasingly being drawn to more cost-effective areas of the emirate, results of a new survey have revealed.

Research conducted by into the property pages of the websites which were most popular in April have brought to light the changing nature of the Dubai property market.

Both buyers and renters are becoming increasingly concerned with "price sensitivity", the website continued.

Marcello Sambartolo, head of marketing at, said: "The rental market is definitely on top again but the savvy buyer is still available for a good value deal."

He added that the Dubai Marina is still offering a "good style of living at lower rates".

Speaking to Emirates Business 24/7, Mark Carroll from Egeen Properties has previously claimed that rebranding a Dubai property, for example installing a new kitchen, could improve the chances of a sale.

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