Strata 'will not change floor space'

19/04/2009 - Dubai Investment News
Strata 'will not change floor space'

Changes in the way off-plan properties are measured as a result of the clarifications to the Strata Law no 27 will not alter the actual floor space offered in developments, investors have been reminded.

The alterations mean that areas such as corridors and service ducts, which are deemed to be common property, will no longer be included in the published apartment area, Gulf News states.

Such a change has led to some people buying property in Dubai questioning whether they should be compensated by their developers because they believe their floor space is less than on original plans, the news provider states.

However, people buying property in Dubai should not be concerned that their apartments are smaller than was originally envisaged, as the changes are purely as a result of a variation in how measurements are taken.

Other changes include a move to measure staircases separately from the rooms they are in, whereas they had formerly been included in the gross floor areas of properties in Dubai, the news provider states.

The law was originally envisaged to establish rights and obligations relating to jointly owned property in Dubai.

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